Low Bar vs High Bar Squats: Which is Right for You?

It’s no surprise that different techniques can change the resistance torque pattern during exercises and in turn, change the stress among different muscle groups. Let’s take one of the most commonly asked about exercises, low bar vs high bar squats.   During a low bar squat, the bar is placed low on the upper back … Continue reading Low Bar vs High Bar Squats: Which is Right for You?

Monday Musts

Must Eat: Easy (High Protein) Lunch When I don’t have time to fix a lunch, but still want to get in some protein and carbs, this is one of my go-tos. I just buy some pre-packaged salmon (usually just the 4oz size) and put it on top of some pretzel crisps. This serving here is … Continue reading Monday Musts

Monday Musts

Must remember: Happiness for Others For some, it can be difficult to be happy for others. We start comparing ourselves, maybe even feel inferior. Unfortunately, these envious feelings can lead to depression and even at times hostility – taking the focus off your own goals and wasting energy on a downward spiral of unhappiness. I … Continue reading Monday Musts

Does your neck position really matter in your lifts?

Short answer: Yes. Yes it does. So it’s never really a good cue when people say to "look up" in a squat. And we've all seen the cranked head position to "help" get out of the hole. I get it, you don't want eyes down (something I’m still working on), but you don't want your … Continue reading Does your neck position really matter in your lifts?

Why I Goblet Squat (A Lot)

Often overlooked, the goblet squat can be instrumental when working around an injury, during a rehab plan, for those just starting to squat, or even for seasoned lifters looking to reinforce some basics. After my injury, and before my sports PT even let me put weight on my back again, I was ONLY allowed to … Continue reading Why I Goblet Squat (A Lot)