Online Coaching

by Fitbliss Fitness


As a Fitbliss Fitness coach, I emphasize the importance of balancing health and strength in all my programs. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, general health and nutrition, or competition prep, a program will be tailored to your needs.

 You can expect custom weekly macro prescriptions, weekly check-ins and feedback, an exercise routine (every 4-8 weeks based on current goals) and emotional support  as you change the way you view and use your body.

​From the very beginning there will be an emphasis on education. The expected outcome of this program is that you will learn how to make a lasting lifestyle change that you can implement on your own.


Ideal for:

General fat loss & body recomposition, fit pregnancy, powerlifting, off-season competition prep coaching, general health and wellness.


This program includes:

  • Initial Program Packet

  • Fitbliss Welcome Package

  • Guide to Counting Macros/Flexible Dieting

  • Educational resources for how to choose foods to be successful and achieve your goals

  • Weekly online check-ins & feedback

  • Monitored tracking of your personal body metrics and adjustments to your program as needed

  • Personalized training programs

  • Instructional videos
  • Tailored warm ups/cool downs and mobility work
  • Form evaluations (via exchanged feedback videos)


How do I get started?

Get started by filling out a coaching app (on your desktop or computer) by clicking here.

Select my name for primary coach, and i’ll be in contact with you as soon as I review your application.