Increasing Awareness Among Athletes

Awareness is an important skill for athletes to help them achieve optimal performance levels. With greater awareness, they can better understand themselves and also have improved concentration and self-control.  . Self-awareness involves refined knowledge of oneself (independent of others). Consequently, self-awareness is central to one’s personal and social meaning of self. How others perceive us is known … Continue reading Increasing Awareness Among Athletes

Practicing Mindfulness for Sport Performance

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 33.7% of Americans are affected by anxiety with moderate impairment, including myself (National Institute of Mental Health, 2017). With so many individuals affected by behavioral disturbances, rather than trying to suppress or change these feelings, evidence tells us we may be better off accepting them and learning … Continue reading Practicing Mindfulness for Sport Performance

Changing the Way You Think About Your Warm Ups

The purpose of a warm-up is to prepare for a training session or competition mentally and physically. Therefore, a warm should enhance performance, improve a level of fitness and provide reduction of injury risk. While you are designing a warm-up, consider how well it mimics the sport, competition or activity that is about to be … Continue reading Changing the Way You Think About Your Warm Ups

Recovery Techniques for Athletes: What Does the Evidence Say?

A successful athlete HAS to find that perfect balance between training and recovery. Read that again.   The goal of training is to overload in an effective manner so that adaptations will lead to improved performance, not excessive overload with inadequate recovery. So, it’s not a surprise that every athlete is constantly looking for ways … Continue reading Recovery Techniques for Athletes: What Does the Evidence Say?