(with links in BOLD)

I like this rack if you don’t want to bolt it into your floors. The monster series is compatible with many other accessories from rogue as well. 

A more affordable rack.

Affordable combo rack.

A cable apparatus.

Rope attachment.

More affordable option for cable movements.

Back extension/sissy squat.

Specialty bar – Hex.

Specialty bar – SSB.

Deadlift bar.

Power bar.

Reverse Hyper Machine.

Deadlift jack.

Flat bench.

Deadlift block.

Deadlift platform.

Glute ham raise.

Decline sit up/bench.

Cheap bumper plates.

Metal plates.

Calibrated plates.


360 grips.

Bench block.


Leg extension/Leg curl machine.


Belt squat attachment.

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