Warm ups, Cool Downs, and Stretching Basics

There’s a lot of info out there about stretching and how to warm up for performance. Stretch before? Stretch after? How? How long? Believe it or not, how you stretch can either hurt or help your performance. So before you start copying what someone else does in the gym, let’s clear confusion and go over … Continue reading Warm ups, Cool Downs, and Stretching Basics

Upper Body Warm Up

Last week, I shared an example of a great lower body warm up. And this week, I'll be demonstrating some of my favorite upper body movements. As I've said before, warm ups should be tailored to individual needs (sticking points, mobility restrictions, under active muscles, etc). Anyway, here are some of my favorite movements I … Continue reading Upper Body Warm Up

Monday Musts

Must do: T-Spine Extension and Mobility Let's address some t-spine TLC, specifically, thoracic extension. Whether you are fixing posture (think slouch, rounded shoulders, forward head), recovering from an injury or working on injury prevention, the thoracic spine is something almost everyone needs work on. Give it a little love, and it might also help address … Continue reading Monday Musts

SI Joint Rehab (Part 2): Core Routine

Here is part 2 of how I fixed my SI joint pain. For part 1, click here. Part 2 is all about core stability. Strengthening your core muscles will be essential to stabilize the sacroiliac joint. Often a "strong core" is confused with abdominal work. And while this isn't meant to give you a 6 … Continue reading SI Joint Rehab (Part 2): Core Routine