Strength Athletes: Concurrent Training Considerations and Recommendations

There are a lot of reasons a strength athlete may want to incorporate cardio into their resistance training program. But what does the research say about concurrent training and how it affects strength?   Concurrent training is the combination of resistance training and endurance training. The aim of this review is to provide evidence-based information that will … Continue reading Strength Athletes: Concurrent Training Considerations and Recommendations

Monday Musts

Must listen: TEDTalks Health podcast  I started listening to the TEDTalks Health podcast this week and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I’m enjoying it. What is really refreshing is that all talks are done by professionals (doctors, researchers) so the information provided is credible and can be trusted. From new medicine to sleep benefits, and … Continue reading Monday Musts

Powerlifters Can Cardio Too

Just doing a little cardio for the heart. I went for a run in my neighborhood today and discovered some cool little places.  Although cardiorespiratory is not my main priority, I’m always trying to focus on becoming a better balanced athlete who is healthy overall. Cue cardiorespiratory training. We all know that cardio can help … Continue reading Powerlifters Can Cardio Too