Monday Musts

Must Eat: Easy (High Protein) Lunch When I don’t have time to fix a lunch, but still want to get in some protein and carbs, this is one of my go-tos. I just buy some pre-packaged salmon (usually just the 4oz size) and put it on top of some pretzel crisps. This serving here is … Continue reading Monday Musts

How to Deal with Hunger and Cravings?

If you are eating in a calorie deficit, it’s likely that hunger pangs will come up from time to time. Why? Well, your daily caloric expenditure is exceeding your caloric intake, so it’s kind of bound to happen.   Luckily, there are ways to reduce cravings and manage hunger, here are my top 10:   … Continue reading How to Deal with Hunger and Cravings?

Monday Musts: Easy Brekky, Energy Drinks and Controlled Descents

Must Have Brekky: This is my go-to breakfast lately. Why? Easy, macro friendly and delicious. I just cook the oats in egg whites for a minute in the microwave before I add toppings. Macs are: 291 calories, 39 carbs, 2 fat, 29 protein. Try it and you might be hooked too. 1 packet instant oats … Continue reading Monday Musts: Easy Brekky, Energy Drinks and Controlled Descents

Monday Musts

Must Do: Fix Your Mindset When it comes to any goal in life, your mind matters. Have an open mindset and your possibilities are endless. Have a negative mindset, and your possibilities are immediately destroyed before you even begin. It all begins with YOU. Nothing will slow your progress like a negative mindset. Wake up. Tell … Continue reading Monday Musts

Monday Musts

MUST THINK ABOUT: DAILY INTENTIONS Habits are important, but it’s also important to check your habits frequently to make sure you aren’t complacent and drifting in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to all into a daily routine, but are you simply going through the motions? Do your habits truly serve you? To succeed and … Continue reading Monday Musts