What are the best exercises for glute development?

The question I get asked most, so here we go. Squats and deadlifts are cool and all, but want to really build your glutes? Then you need to incorporate a variety –  different exercises as well as (strategically) mixed weight and reps. Changing these variables will target different glute activity and also, people respond to … Continue reading What are the best exercises for glute development?

Monday Musts

MUST THINK ABOUT: DAILY INTENTIONS Habits are important, but it’s also important to check your habits frequently to make sure you aren’t complacent and drifting in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to all into a daily routine, but are you simply going through the motions? Do your habits truly serve you? To succeed and … Continue reading Monday Musts

Hip Thrusts for Better Glute Development

  Want bigger glutes? Then start doing thrusts. I can’t tell you how many times someone sees me and says “dang I need to squat more,” assuming that squats are the only thing I focus on for glute development (false). Definitely NOT bragging here, but want to shed some light on the subject. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So … Continue reading Hip Thrusts for Better Glute Development

Stop Underestimating Cable Pull Throughs

Why Cable pull throughs? While certainly not cool, they can definitely help take your big lifts to the next level. If you are training or an athlete, you already know how important building your posterior chain is for optimal performance and to avoid pain and injuries. Or if you are someone suffering from low back … Continue reading Stop Underestimating Cable Pull Throughs

SI Joint Rehab (Part 3): Progressive Glute Strengthening

As promised, here is the last and final piece of my SI joint recovery posts (part 3). Part 1 was release, stretch, stabilize and activate. Part 2 was core work. And part 3 is a progressive glute strengthening program.   Strong glutes are essential to provide stability in the sacroiliac joint. If you are like … Continue reading SI Joint Rehab (Part 3): Progressive Glute Strengthening

How I fixed My SI Joint Pain (Part 1)

I never knew how common SI joint pain was (pregnancy related, training related or just everyday wear and tear) until I experienced pain daily for several months. I'm not an expert, just a successful patient. It's easiest if you watch the video that accompanies this (linked here).   After working with doctors, doing my own … Continue reading How I fixed My SI Joint Pain (Part 1)