The Role of Exercise Order: 5 Reasons to Train Large Muscle Groups First

The order of your training session will strongly impact your results. Read that again. It’s true. Your hormones, muscle size, energy levels and performance will alllllll change depending on which exercises you perform first. And depending on your goals, you may want to highly consider training your large muscle groups (glutes, quads, hams, chest, back) … Continue reading The Role of Exercise Order: 5 Reasons to Train Large Muscle Groups First

So You Wanna Start Powerlifting? 10 Tips to Begin.

After world’s a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting flooded with questions lately on powerlifting in general. How to start? How to train? How to pick a meet? What equipment to buy? Why I switched to power from bikini? I thought it would be helpful to share a few tips on getting started here.   … Continue reading So You Wanna Start Powerlifting? 10 Tips to Begin.

Monday Musts

Must Find: Balance I love this quote. So much, that I’ve been reading it every morning as I start my day. It’s a great reminder that happiness comes from balancing these two things in life – especially when going through a difficult time. Patience doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. Patience is not being lazy. … Continue reading Monday Musts

Hip Thrusts for Better Glute Development

  Want bigger glutes? Then start doing thrusts. I can’t tell you how many times someone sees me and says “dang I need to squat more,” assuming that squats are the only thing I focus on for glute development (false). Definitely NOT bragging here, but want to shed some light on the subject. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So … Continue reading Hip Thrusts for Better Glute Development

Stop Underestimating Cable Pull Throughs

Why Cable pull throughs? While certainly not cool, they can definitely help take your big lifts to the next level. If you are training or an athlete, you already know how important building your posterior chain is for optimal performance and to avoid pain and injuries. Or if you are someone suffering from low back … Continue reading Stop Underestimating Cable Pull Throughs

Monday Musts

Must try: Seal Rows I love seal rows because they give you a well-developed back while avoiding spinal compression. They also prevent any unwanted movement as your body is pinned against the bench. I used them often during my rehab and program them regularly for accessory work. They force you to really squeeze and use … Continue reading Monday Musts