Ten Golden Rules to (Actually) Achieve Your Goals

Be clear-cut about what you want to achieve (ultra-specific). Make sure your goal is measurable. Identify potential obstacles and think of solutions beforehand. Have a strategic plan, and be realistic about it. Break it down to smaller goals (long-term can be overwhelming) Review your progress regularly. Celebrate every. single. tiny. achievement. Share your goals with … Continue reading Ten Golden Rules to (Actually) Achieve Your Goals

20 Minute Chair Workout (That You Can Do At Home!)

So I call this my "chair work out", because all you need is a little tubing and a chair to complete. It's one of my go-to lower body circuits that I use when i'm traveling or need a little extra glute activation. It's super easy, but you'll feel some good burn. Save this for later … Continue reading 20 Minute Chair Workout (That You Can Do At Home!)

5 Reasons To Hire a Fitness Coach

It’s no secret that having a fitness coach can allow you to achieve goals and levels of performance that may not have been possible if left on your own. Amazing body transformations start with coaches. All top athletes have coaches. Even some of the best coaches have coaches. Yes, there are so many reasons to … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Hire a Fitness Coach

Monday Musts

Must Do: Fix Your Mindset When it comes to any goal in life, your mind matters. Have an open mindset and your possibilities are endless. Have a negative mindset, and your possibilities are immediately destroyed before you even begin. It all begins with YOU. Nothing will slow your progress like a negative mindset. Wake up. Tell … Continue reading Monday Musts

What are the best exercises for glute development?

The question I get asked most, so here we go. Squats and deadlifts are cool and all, but want to really build your glutes? Then you need to incorporate a variety –  different exercises as well as (strategically) mixed weight and reps. Changing these variables will target different glute activity and also, people respond to … Continue reading What are the best exercises for glute development?

Monday Musts

Must Find: Balance I love this quote. So much, that I’ve been reading it every morning as I start my day. It’s a great reminder that happiness comes from balancing these two things in life – especially when going through a difficult time. Patience doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. Patience is not being lazy. … Continue reading Monday Musts

Monday Musts

MUST THINK ABOUT: DAILY INTENTIONS Habits are important, but it’s also important to check your habits frequently to make sure you aren’t complacent and drifting in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to all into a daily routine, but are you simply going through the motions? Do your habits truly serve you? To succeed and … Continue reading Monday Musts