As 2018 comes to an end, inevitably a new year begins. And with it, comes the opportunity to achieve great things.


I want to preface this by saying that I’m not big on setting extravagant new year’s resolutions. Why? Well, by stating some crazy declaration (that is virtually unattainable) we basically set ourselves up for failure. Then, when we don’t reach these unrealistic expectations, we can feel like an underachiever. A dissapointment. This often leads to low self esteem and can hold people back from trying goals again in the future. Now this isn’t the case for everyone, but in my opinion, setting a resolution or goal shouldn’t do more harm than good.


I do however, think the new year is a good time to sit down and reflect — How was last year? What mistakes did you make and how can you avoid them in the future? What were some highlights? What were your very best moments? Maybe start thinking about things you can improve. Some questions I like to ask myself include: How can I be healthier? How you can I be happier? How can my family be happier? How can I serve others more? Think about these things. Write them down. Read them regularly. Then, do causal quarterly check ins with yourself. If something isn’t adding up quite right, modify your goals if you have to. Be flexible with yourself and be sure to pat yourself on the back along the way. Whether things look good or bad on paper, be your own cheerleader.


Every year I make a list of things I want to focus on for the year. No these aren’t the usual “I want to PR my deadlift by 30 lbs this year” resolutions (I always have those goals in mind anyway), these are simply things I want to be more aware of to be a better, healthier, happier person.



So — That being said, here are some things I’d like to focus on for the year 2019:


  • Say YES more (this was on my list last year, and it has CHANGED my life!)
  • Spend more time outside (from last year’s list).
  • Read 20 books off my reading wish list (I always do this one).
  • Monitor my sleep better.
  • Eat more fruit (I do great with veggies, but could be better with fruit).
  • Do more writing on paper (vs on my laptop).
  • Meditate more.
  • Do more acts of kindness.
  • Accept change.
  • Improve my thoracic mobility (always on the list).
  • Work on my bucket list.
  • Put myself out there more.
  • Stop being so sensitive.
  • Explore new ways to cope with stress (always on the list).
  • Be more grateful.
  • Visit my GI doctor more (I have an IBD and I’m getting awful at this).
  • Learn to make decisions (always on the list).
  • Donate some of my clothes.
  • Love myself more.
  • Be more optimistic.
  • Be patient with everyone, including myself.
  • Call my grandma more.
  • Take care of my plants.
  • Attend 5 events, even though I don’t want to.
  • Go on more walks.
  • Less screen time.
  • Be less critical and more confident.
  • Love others more.
  • Play more.
  • Drink more water, less soda (always on the list).
  • Go after something I don’t feel “ready” for.
  • Be conscious of my breathing.
  • Buy less.
  • Enjoy the little things.



There you have it! Those are some of my things … maybe they spark some ideas for your goals next year too.


Happy New Year!





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