Tis the season for coughs and sniffles. It seems like all my clients (myself included) are getting sick this week, so I wanted to shed some light on this topic and post a few tips to try and stay healthy this cold season.


Soo…. Should you work out when you are feeling sick? First and foremost, the answer will vary person to person and what ails you, but in general, you should listen to your body and avoid over exertion. I tell my clients that a speedy recovery is the goal so we can get back to business. By business, I mean EFFECTIVE workouts. If this means taking a day or two off from the gym, it’s not going to hinder overall progress when you look at the BIG picture.


It’s important to understand that when you are sick, the stress of a workout may be more than your immune system can handle. Also, when you aren’t feeling well and you attempt to lift like you normally would, you increase chance of injury. Instead, it’s important to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling and only incorporate non-strenuous movements as you are able (great time to work on mobility, stretching). So if you are only feeling kind of bad, you may want to consider adjusting the intensity of your workout (light lifts versus heavy lifts, walking instead of running, etc.). And for obvious reasons, if you are contagious, please stay home from the gym


Now on to the juicy stuff. Here are some tips to stay healthy this season. Now I’m sure you already do most of these, but I feel like it’s a good reminder to stay more conscious of germs and prioritize your well-being.



TIPS to avoid getting sick

  1. Get more sleep.
  2. Don’t skip your rest days from the gym.
  3. Eat more veggies and fruits to boost your immune system.
  4. Up your vitamin D (hard to get sun these days so consider supplementing).
  5. Try to avoid other sick people, if you can.
  6. Wipe down machines/weights BEFORE you use them.
  7. Wash your hands more than you normally would (especially at the gym).



There you have it. Try to stay healthy friends!





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