A quick meet recap from Worlds last weekend in Las Vegas where I competed in deadlift only.

Opened with 264 lbs. An easy lift that i’ve hit plenty of times. Nerves made the lockout a tad shaky but no problems otherwise. Not my favorite, but three white lights. Moving on.


Second attempt was a speeeeedy 275 @ 106.7 lb bodyweight (because I didn’t bother to cut a couple pounds lol) for a PR and state record @ IPL Worlds. Three white lights, and was surprisingly smooth.
This is the pull I missed at Fitcon last Spring. I’m pleased with this considering I had a hip labral tear in April that rehabbed for several months and actually avoided surgery. It took a long time and a lot of effort, but I came back with a relatively short training period and crushed this weight.
Felt soooo speedy we went for 287 for my 3rd attempt but couldn’t break the floor (even though I can hit 300 off a couple inches no problem. Beauty of sumo  we’ll get there).
Disappointed because I thought I would hit it for sure, but still walked away with a shiny gold medal and a bigger goal for next time.



Overall, happy with the experience and looking forward to the next. 🙂





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