Must Eat: Easy (High Protein) Lunch

When I don’t have time to fix a lunch, but still want to get in some protein and carbs, this is one of my go-tos. I just buy some pre-packaged salmon (usually just the 4oz size) and put it on top of some pretzel crisps. This serving here is about 410 calories and yields 24 grams of protein. Bonus, it’s delicious.


Must Make: Time for Self-Healing


Yung Pueblo


Must Do: Pause Squats

If you are a client of mine, you will likely be incorporating pause squats in your training. And here’s why: They are great for developing starting strength (concentric), enforcing an upright position, teaching proper bracing, improving overall technique and addressing sticking points. Basically pause squats are going to magnify your weakest points and force you to work on them. In turn, this is going to carry over to better bar path and joint alignment at higher loads. Here, I’m controlling my descent, taking a 2 second pause at the bottom, and powering as fast (and tight as I am able to) out of the whole. And plot twist – the SSB can make it extra challenging as you are forced to stay even more upright.

See them here:


Must Do: Reduce Cortisol


Increased levels of cortisol can increase anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, memory and even weight gain. Because of this, we definitely want to keep levels reduced as much as we can (especially if fat loss is a goal of yours). I tell my clients to keep eating a healthy diet (nutritious foods), get plenty of sleep, stay on top of their training, take time to relax and I encourage fostering healthy relationships in their lives. All good things here.




Must Buy: TechLoom Reflective APLs

I’m loving the look of these women’s TechLoom Ascend Shoes from APL. I tried on all the other APLs, but these are definitely my favorite. Now I wouldn’t run in these, but they are comfortable for walking or using on my accessory days in the gym. I like the because they are stretchy, breathable and give a bit of ankle support, which my accident prone self likes to see. Plus, I’m a huge fan of anything reflective and all black. So win win in my book. I like the I just buy mine off the Lululemon website (of course) and they ship free. And I stay TTS in my sneaker size (women 6).




As always, I’m not paid to recommend or advertise products. Just sharing what I like! That’s all for this week. Happy Monday friends!

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