Must Buy: Adidas Originals Swift Run

I love these casual sneakers, one of my favorite pairs of shoes for walking around because they are light weight (and black lol). They are stretchy, comfortable and cute. They ran TTS size to me (women’s 6).

Buy them here. 



Must Do: Block Pulls

We all know overload techniques can be super effective when incorporated properly into your training. Cue one of my favorite: block deadlifts. I feel you can easily improve your deadlifts by incorporating some block pulls (an elevated deadlift using 1” to 6” inches) here and there.  I like them because you easily get into an upright position, can overload your weight (helps you adapt to more weight at the top of your lift) and focus on sticking points (like lock out).

See them in action here:




Must Have: Recovery Bath Blend

I really have increased the intensity of my deadlifts the last few weeks so I’ve also amped up my recovery game. And this bath blend is on point. It’s perfect to soothe soreness, help you sleep and rid your body of toxins.

Here’s what I use after a heavy lifting session before I go to bed:

Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Lavender

Dr. Teals Purity Foaming Bath

Saje Apres Sport Salt



Must Ponder: Peace Begins Within


Yung Pueblo




Must Use: Davines Love Shampoo/Conditioner

My hair stylist recently introduced me to this set, and I can’t get over the scent – soo delicious. Not to mention it leaves my hair soft and super clean. I usually use Kevin Murphy or Oribe so this price is definitely more reasonable. I’m a fan.


Find a store that sells it near you here.




As always, I’m not paid to recommend or advertise products. Just sharing what I like! That’s all for this week. Happy Monday friends!


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