I get sooo many questions about this trip (I go every year) so I’m going to do a quick recap on it.


Seawheeze (put on by Lululemon) is a half-marathon that takes place in Vancouver Canada. But it’s really more than a marathon. It’s a full weekend of shopping, yoga, music and entertainment.


Why Vancouver? Because that’s where Lululemon was founded of course. Vancouver is breathtaking, so I’m not complaining. Plus while you are here you can visit all the different lululemon stores, including the very first store (Kitsilano) and the Lululemon Lab (a must visit).

Runners get a pair of entry shorts mailed to them (unique to race, can’t buy in the store), a runners kit with goodies, as well as access to the showcase store, the race, yoga, activities and the sunset festival (concert put on in Stanley Park).


IMO the showcase store is the best part lol. Items sold in the store are UNIQUE to the race. You won’t find them online or in the store and they are always fun, unique items. Some of my favorite purchases over the years include all things reflective, my bug stuff (backpack, jacket), chevron prints and basically any rain jacket they’ve released. Want to know how intense the store gets? Imagine people waiting out for black Friday sales at Walmart and than multiply that times 100. It’s insane.

So here’s the thing. It’s insanely popular (imagine  more than 10,000 overly enthusiastic attendees, and it gets worse every year). It sells out in minutes. Expect the website to crash. Brace yourself for panic attacks when you try to sign up. So for everyone wanting to get in next year, just know what you are getting into. Customer service sucks and you will have problems — but it’s totally worth it.



Plus, I mean, best excuse for a girls trip (am I right?)


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