If you are eating in a calorie deficit, it’s likely that hunger pangs will come up from time to time. Why? Well, your daily caloric expenditure is exceeding your caloric intake, so it’s kind of bound to happen.


Luckily, there are ways to reduce cravings and manage hunger, here are my top 10:


10 Tips to Help with Hunger


1. Eat protein with every meal: Higher protein with meals can reduce hunger and help control cravings. Some research suggests that protein can be more satiating than fats and carbs – so eat up.


2. Make sure you eat enough fat: Extreme low fat diets will increase hunger and you also won’t be able to produce all the hormones you need for optimal health.


3. Eat more fiber: High-fiber foods are thermogenic, will bulk up your meals food and also make you feel full longer on fewer calories.


4. Drink more water: Dehydration can sometimes make you believe you need to eat, when really you just liquid intake.


5. Experiment with macro ratios: For some people, eating more carbs will make them feel fuller. For others, more fats. I recommend experimenting with this a little to see what works for you.


6. Consider a planned refeed: When your leptin level is consistently low, you can get overwhelming hunger signals. A short-term refeed will increase leptin, but know the rise in metabolism will be temporary so you have to be smart and structured about it. Regardless, I feel there are many mental and physical benefits when incorporating planned refeeds.


7. Go train: Sometimes, exercise can suppress appetite and help get your mind off food.


8. Sleep more: Ever notice when you are tired you feel like eating? Studies show that lack of sleep can actually increase hunger hormones.


9. Eat more nutrient dense foods: There are studies that show that hunger is not an unpleasant experience while participants were on a high nutrient density diet. These are foods that contain large amounts of micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc).


10. Limit alcohol: Notice how you feel like ordering a pizza at 3am after a night of drinking? That’s because drinking can actually alter your body’s perception of hunger. I always recommend drinking alcohol in moderation for this reason.


Good luck!




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