Last week, I shared an example of a great lower body warm up. And this week, I’ll be demonstrating some of my favorite upper body movements.

As I’ve said before, warm ups should be tailored to individual needs (sticking points, mobility restrictions, under active muscles, etc). Anyway, here are some of my favorite movements I include in a upper body warm up. And this is a sample of what you might see on a program of mine or in the Fitbliss App.


Cat – Cow: 15 (5 count slow)

Start with hands with them directly under your shoulders. Slowly arch and lift your chin and tailbone to the sky. Then slowly move to a rounded position, tucking your belly butting towards your spine and pushing through your hands. Imagine yourself like a zipper where you zip each vertebra at a time (this is how slow the movement should be).


Single Arm Circles (both directions): 15 each direction, both arms

Slowly stretch your arm, straight to the sky and begin to make large circles. Think of actively reaching to the ceiling and floor as you move them around. Switch directions and then switch arms.


Shoulder Band Around the Worlds: 15 each side

Slowly move your arms one at a time through this wide range of motion. Then switch directions. As you improve, your arms will become straighter.


Overhand Band Pull Apart: 2 x 20

Start by holding a band with both palms face down and arms straight in front of you. Keep your shoulders down and back as you pull the band apart. It’s important not to shrug, as the motion should be felt in the mid back and not the upper traps.


Underhand Band Ws: 2 x 20

Holding a band, slightly wider than shoulder width and palms facing towards you, gently pull your arms away from your body to form a “W”. Think of keeping your shoulders pressing away from your ears as activate your lower traps and reach the end of your external rotation. Pause and hold before you return to starting position.


Band Pull to Goal Post Rotation: 15

First, step a few feet away from your band. Slowly pull back with both arms towards your body and then, rotate your arms up to the sky, as if you were making a goal post with your arms. Try to keep your elbows and shoulders stationary. Then rotate your arms back towards the ground and return to your starting position.


Banded External Rotations: 2 x 15 each side

With your elbow flexed to a 90-degree angle, rotate your arm in a backhand motion while keeping your elbow stationary. Pause at your end position and then slowly return to starting position.


See it in action here:



There you have it! Perhaps it will give you a good idea of where to start. And if you are interested in coaching, fill out a coaching app and i’ll get in touch with you to chat about your goals.

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