Must Have Brekky:

This is my go-to breakfast lately. Why? Easy, macro friendly and delicious. I just cook the oats in egg whites for a minute in the microwave before I add toppings. Macs are: 291 calories, 39 carbs, 2 fat, 29 protein. Try it and you might be hooked too.

  • 1 packet instant oats (maple and brown sugar flavor)
  • 1 cup of egg whites
  • ¼ cup of blueberries
  • 2 T of fat free cool whip



Must drink (PWO): Bang Energy Drink

Recently, I’ve been phasing out my pre-workout and replacing with one of these drinks. I find it gives me just enough energy and I don’t crash after. I think they taste great and also like that it has creatine and amino acids included. Do keep in mind, that each can has 300 mg of caffeine in it, so don’t pair with another caffeine product (don’t die please). I usually drink half a can before I work out and then sip on it throughout if I need more.

I just order by the case on Amazon, because I’m lazy and don’t want to carry them. Ha. People keep asking me about this flavor, and I was kind of disappointed (reminds me of watered down grape). Cotton candy and purple haze are still my favorite.

Buy the new Rainbow Unicorn flavor here.



Must Do: Controlled Descents

If you watched any of my training for the last month or two, you know i’ve been all about controlled descents. Properly performing a slower, controlled negative can be very beneficial to strength and technique as it allows a new training stimulus for gains (several studies back this up). However, I emphasize “properly” as this can be dangerous if performed incorrectly. In other words, your form needs to be on point especially if you are lifting heavy (I wouldn’t recommend performing with anything greater than 80% of your max simply because technical breakdown is more likely to occur). Instead of simply dropping your weight, as you resist the resistance in the negative portion, you are allowing yourself another opportunity to handle your load in a full range of motion (versus say something like chains), which ultimately will help with speed, technique and feeling more confident overall with each part of your lift. Personally, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my sticking points as I’m forced to stay tight tight tight. As my current goal is more focused around hypertrophy work, I am using light to moderate loads in a higher rep range (6-8+).

See an example here (sumo paused deadlift with controlled descent):



Must Remember: Anxiety Won’t Change Any Outcome.

I’ve had quite a few things in my life that have caused a great deal of worry and anxiety. Being a naturally high strung person, it’s common for me to stay up late overthinking, analyzing and even freaking out time to time about the future (it happens). I came across this quote last week and it was just what I needed to read. “Don’t make yourself miserable with what is to come or not to come.” It’s helped me remember that no matter how I react, the outcome will be the same. I can either worry about what will come or what will happen, but it’s not going to matter. So I might as well chill out and enjoy the present.



Must Buy: Danke (OPI) Gel Nail Color

Pre-kids, I had a fresh set of long acrylic nails every few weeks. But myyyy have times changed. Now a days, I’m all about simplicity and functionality. Hence the short gel nails that I do on my own. So i’m always on the hunt for a good gel nail that is pretty and will last more than a week without peeling off. This one is by far my favorite. It’s called Danke – Shiny Red from OPI. And to give you an idea of how long it lasts, this is going on day 7 in this picture.

Buy it here.




As always, I’m not paid to recommend or advertise products. Just sharing what I like! That’s all for this week. Happy Monday friends!

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