Must Remember: Make Time for What Is Important

Time is very precious: every minute, every hour counts. We don’t want to throw time away. We want to make good use of the minutes and the hours we have left. When we focus our attention in the here and now and live simply, we have more time to do the things we think are important. We don’t waste our energy in thinking, in worrying, in running after fame, power and wealth.


Thich Nhat Hanh




Must Do: Spoto Bench Press

Want another way to increase your bench press strength? Try incorporating Spoto presses into your training. Instead of pausing on the chest, you’ll hold for one or two seconds off the chest (wherever your “sticking” point is, and you should use various heights throughout your training really). Bring it to your chest somewhat quickly but under control, pause and then explode as fast as you can back to starting position. I like to keep these lighter (60-80% of your 1RM) and do higher reps (6-10). Keep in mind that this video is sped up. Another benefit to doing these is I find them slightly easier on the shoulders.

Watch it here:




Must Buy: Diva Lip Color (MAC)

I’m a sucker for a dark, rich lip color. And with fall around the corner, I’m already stocking up. This is a new favorite right now. Buy it in the mini lip to try it out, it’s only $10.

Buy it here.




Must Strengthen: Hip Flexors

When it comes to hip flexors, sometimes, tightness and pain is actually a sign of weakness. Meaning, you can stretch all you want, but your problem might be that you actually need to strengthen them first. Over the last four months, I’ve successfully rehabbed a nasty hip injury (labral tear) and have focused on stabilizing and strengthening my hips. Stay tuned for my whole progressive rehab series (isometrics, stabilizing, stretching and strengthening) soon — It’ll be good stuff. For now, I’ll share these banded marches. This is a very basic movement that can be started to strengthen your hip flexors once your pain subsides. I like to do high reps (15-20 each leg) a few times, starting with a light resistance band before progressing to a heavier band over time.

Watch it here:








Must snack: Skinny Pop Popcorn

This is my go to low cal snack because there are only 43 calories in a cup. If you are low on macros or eating in a deficit, this is a must have in your pantry. It seems to do the trick when I need a little snack at night before bed. White cheddar is easily the best flavor and I dip in mustard because I’m weird, but it’s fine without too.




As always, I’m not paid to recommend or advertise products. Just sharing what I like! That’s all for this week. Happy Monday friends!


xo, Nat

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