Short answer, yes. And here is why. Fiber will not only bulk up your food, but it will also slow down digestion and help you feel fuller, longer. Many whole foods are high in micronutrients, leading to general overall wellness. So it’s no surprise that fiber has additional health benefits like protecting you from heart disease, cancer and digestive issues. And, fiber is thermogenic, so it can aid with fat loss.

So how much fiber do you need each day? It is recommended that men consume about 34g of fiber daily and that women consume about 28g of fiber (Dietary Guidelines for Americans). And although it doesn’t sound like a lot, the average adult usually only eats 15g of fiber a day. Yikes.

But don’t fret – this is an eaaaaasy solution to fix. And of course, ya girl is coming through with some tips.

Here are some simple ways to sneak fiber into your diet:

  • Eat oatmeal for breakfast
  • Switch to whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta
  • Add chickpeas to your salad
  • Dip carrots and broccoli into hummus
  • Make your own trail mix (with lots of nuts)
  • Buy whole grain crackers
  • Puree cauliflower (so many options here)
  • Snack on popcorn
  • Blend colorful fruits and veggies into a protein smoothie

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