Must ponder: Focus on the Good and You’ll Go Far

I love this quote for many reasons. Too often we get caught up on thinking of all the things we can’t do. I can’t deadlift 350 pounds. I can’t bench right now because of shoulder pain etc etc. But what if we only concentrated on all the things we CAN do? That would surely be a long list of great things. I challenge you to stop thinking about the negatives, and think only of the positives in your life. Keep trucking away and little by little, progress will add up. I promise.




Must Make: Soothing Muscle Rub

Woah. I made this batch a couple weeks ago and it has been a LIFESAVER. I like to keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cool, and rub it on any sore muscles before I go to bed. It works wonders for relief. Perfect body butter to slap on after those tough workouts.

Here is the recipe:




Must Snack: Carbmaster Cottage Cheese

I know what you are thinking. Cottage cheese? No thanks. K, hear me out. I feel like this macro friendly (high protein, low carb) snack is more of a treat. In each container there are 120 calories (2.5f/11c/15p). But you have to get the cinnamon raisin flavor. It’s amazing. I just buy mine at Smith’s.



Must Do: Staggered Leg Deadlift

I have been programming these in my own training and my clients lately. Why? Staggered stance is a nearly fail proof way to increase single leg strength, stability and provide a new stimulus for muscle growth. This greater stimulus with lighter loads means its great for rehab and prehab purposes. So naturally, I love to include them for people who have low back or hip problems since you will develop lower extremity stability within these new movement patterns. I remember the first time I did them, my glutes were on fiyahhh.

Hold the kettlebell in front of you, stagger your stance with one foot back and the other forward. Keep your toes straight ahead. Push your hips back as you hinge forward. Think shoulders back and lats engaged. Once you reach about 90 degrees of flexion, return to a standing position.

Interested in custom programming? Fill out a coaching app and we’ll chat.



Must listen: Travis Scott ASTROWORLD

Don’t lie. You like this album too. I’ve had it on repeat the whole week.

Download it here. 





That’s all for this week. Happy Monday friends!


xo, Nat

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