So I call this my “chair work out”, because all you need is a little tubing and a chair to complete. It’s one of my go-to lower body circuits that I use when i’m traveling or need a little extra glute activation. It’s super easy, but you’ll feel some good burn. Save this for later so you can squeeze a quick workout in without going to the gym.

Repeat 4x with a small rest in between the whole circuit.

  1. Step up to stand 15 each leg
  2. Hip thrust 30
  3. Banded thrust 30
  4. 1 Leg hip thrust 15 each leg
  5. Banded leg side raise 15 each leg
  6. Single leg quad extension (squeeze) 15 each leg
  7. Single back leg raise 15 each leg
  8. Double back leg raise 30
  9. Bulgarian split squat 15 each leg



Weight bearing exercises offer a variety of functional benefits, including coordination and strength. As you are forced to work against gravity, body weight exercises will strengthen bones. Body weight exercises will also increase muscle activation, improve cardiovascular fitness, help achieve greater kinesthetic awareness and obviously burn calories. If you are limited on time, limited on equipment or if you are trying to keep compressive loads off your spine, body weight exercises are a great option for exercise.


Try it! And let me know what you think!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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