The question I get asked most, so here we go. Squats and deadlifts are cool and all, but want to really build your glutes? Then you need to incorporate a variety –  different exercises as well as (strategically) mixed weight and reps. Changing these variables will target different glute activity and also, people respond to certain types of stimuli differently. Bottom line is, don’t just rely on one or two exercises for maximal glute development. This will vary person to person, so try them out and train them often (I do 2-3 times a week). Here are a few of my favorite exercises for glute development (and variations are endless here):


Hip thrusts

Cable pull throughs

Glute bridges

Back extensions

DB Goblet squats

Bulgarian split squats

Kettlebell Romanian deadlifts

Good mornings



Again, these are just some of my favorites. What are some of yours? And if you are looking for a custom training program, designed just for you, be sure to head on over and fill out a coaching app to join the Fitbliss Fitness team.

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