Must Find: Balance

I love this quote. So much, that I’ve been reading it every morning as I start my day. It’s a great reminder that happiness comes from balancing these two things in life – especially when going through a difficult time.

Patience doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. Patience is not being lazy. In fact, patience is a deliberate act that takes practice. On the other side of things productivity doesn’t mean working harder – it means working smarter. Work too much, and you are less productive.

A personal example: I’ve been dealing with a couple injuries that I’ve been working around for several weeks. The over achiever in me wants to do everything. I’m not the most patient person, and this slows down my recovery time. Every day I have to remind myself to be patient. But that doesn’t mean I’m not being productive. I’ve been rehabbing my injuries slowly, working on my weaknesses. Through challenges, success comes from finding balance between these two and reminding yourself that it will be worth it when the sun starts shining through the clouds.




Must buy: Chase Me Onesie (Lululemon)

I bought several of these last year when they came out, and for good reason (and no, I don’t run in them ha!). They are light weight, so perfect for hot summer days and super comfy. I love throwing them over a cute sports bra or using as a swim cover up. They come in cute colors (I’m eyeing that Ocean Spray one) and have pretty reflective details. I wear the same size as my Lulu shorts (4).

Buy it here.



Must Include in Your Warm Up: Squat and Twist

This is just part of the lower body warm up sequence I finished for the Fitbliss App. This specifically addresses opening the groin while stretching the core. The full warm up, included for clients, covers everything you need prior to beginning your training. To learn more about training and how to sign up, fill out a coaching app our main site.

Check it out here:







Must Relax: Nightly Oil Blend

I have been so serious about stepping up my nightly routine lately. For months, I’ve struggled with insomnia, and I’m finally able to sleep through the night again. One of the things I swear by is simply diffusing this combination of oils in my diffuser. It’s soothing smell instantly relaxes me and helps me drift into a deeper sleep.

You can buy them here.



Must do: Box Jumps

Why are you doing box jumps Natalie? Oh, I’ll tell you why. Not only are box jumps great for power, strength, and activating fast twitch muscle fibers, they are also a different way to raise your heart rate. I don’t like sitting on a cardio machine for several minutes, so I’m always incorporating plyometric exercises to burn a few extra calories. And box jumps are an easy way to increase workout intensity in a short amount of time. However, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to make sure box jumps are helping and not hurting you.


1 – Only jump onto something stable

2 – Pause between jumps

3 – Don’t jump too high (think performance and technique, not just height)


See them here:




That’s it for me, have a great week friends!!


Xo Nat

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