“Why should I space out my protein throughout the day? Won’t I build muscle faster if I increase my suggested protein amount?”

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo out there regarding meal timing and protein consumption. Although I’m not an advocate of the you have to “eat 6 small meals per day to boost metabolism” myth, or that you have to be a ticking time bomb and consume crazy amounts of protein the minute you finish your workout (also not true), I do however, tell my clients it would be best to try to distribute protein intake evenly throughout the day – keep reading to see why.

Rather than eating a massive amount of protein all at once (during one sitting, or downing protein shakes at the end of the day to hit your protein goal) if you are trying to stimulate anabolism, it’s a better idea to eat multiple, balanced protein meals per day. If you do decide to eat excessive amounts of protein, keep in mind that you can’t store it, nor will it increase your rate of anabolism. Sure you can DIGEST it, sure you can ABSORB it, but there is a THRESHOLD of how much will give you the maximum benefit to build muscle. I absolutely cringe when I see fitspos bragging about their 65g of protein in one meal. It’s doing you no good.

Next, when you space out protein evenly it will leave you feeling more full. Especially if you are in a calorie deficit, spacing out your protein can increase satiety all day long as opposed to eating large amounts in fewer sittings.

So my suggestion? Just stay within your numbers, and try to space it out evenly. That simple. So for example, I distribute my protein evenly by eating roughly 25-30g per meal (I like to have 5 meals, personal preference). Obviously, these numbers will vary on an individual basis, but you get the idea.

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