Burnt out, stressed, feeling down – whatever the reason, a time where your mind feels clouded and you’re unable to motivate yourself. Whether it’s one day, one week or an entire month, we’ve all experienced that sluggishness when we’re trying to accomplish our fitness goals.


So what’s a person to do? I think it’s important to first acknowledge that this feeling is temporary, but in the meantime, how do we get through this challenging time? Individual needs will vary, but these are some tips that I like to give my clients so they can shine through their hard days:


  1. Take a look at your schedule (how can things work better for you and your goals? Do you need to switch to morning workouts to make sure you don’t skip out?)
  2. Eat better (balanced, whole foods can go a long way for mind and body)
  3. Try something new (mix up your workouts, what’s something you’ve always wanted to try?)
  4. Reward yourself (think short term goals)
  5. Get some sleep (sometimes a good night’s sleep is all you need to feel better)
  6. Review your goals (not necessarily change, just review them so they are fresh in your mind)
  7. Download a new playlist (something new to make training a little more exciting)
  8. Revaluate your plans (ask yourself, are your goals realistic?)
  9. Take a look at how far you have come (progress is progress, be proud of your hard work!)
  10. Forget your plan (sometimes you just do something different today, do anything! Get outside, play with your kids, and try to get back on track tomorrow).


What about you? What do you do to get yourself through your funk?

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