Whether for work or vacation, it seems like almost alllll my clients are traveling this summer. So naturally, this is my most commonly asked question right now. Yes, it can be hard to stay on top of things when you are traveling but it is definitely doable. Don’t fall into the trap of using “I was out of town” as an excuse. You can be away from home, enjoy your time and stay on track with fitness goals (it just takes a little preparation).


Here are some of my favorite tips to hit macros while traveling:


  • Pack snacks (protein bars, beef jerky, tuna w/ crackers, protein powder, single serving peanut butter, many options here)
  • Pre-plan and log your meals the day before
  • Find a local grocery store and stock up
  • Book a room with a kitchenette (or at least a mini fridge)
  • Look up restaurant menus ahead of time
  • When planning ahead doesn’t work out, use your best guesstimate


What are some of your favorite tips for staying on top of nutrition while traveling?

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