Must remember: Happiness for Others

For some, it can be difficult to be happy for others. We start comparing ourselves, maybe even feel inferior. Unfortunately, these envious feelings can lead to depression and even at times hostility – taking the focus off your own goals and wasting energy on a downward spiral of unhappiness. I think it’s important to remember that celebrating other people’s successes doesn’t reduce your own. Just because someone is in a different place in their life in one area, doesn’t mean they are perfect in EVERY area. But that really doesn’t matter. Instead of competing and comparting, try applauding others when they do well. There will ALWAYS be people better than you. And that is OK. But the better the person you are to others, the more blessings you will attract – and that is the surest way to be happy. So once you master this, it will definitely lead to improvements in your own life.



Must eat: Easy Smoked Salmon Salad

It’s pretty obvious that I’m being diligent with tracking my food lately, because that’s all I’m talking about these days. Anyhow, this is one of my favorite light lunches. I love it because it’s macro friendly (of course ~150 cals/13g protein), easy to throw together (minimal prep time – yeah!) and leaves room for snacks later (I’m such a snacker).

  • 2oz smoked salmon (I just buy the prepackaged)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • 2 T Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • (add other toppings you prefer)




Must try: Safety Squat Bar (specialty bar)

I’ve been incorporating SSB squats once a week into my training. Why? For a few reasons actually. First, my training is primarily upper body right now, so I’m trying to minimize added stress that I’m placing on my shoulders. So I like the SSB because it is easy on the shoulders but still great for strengthening lower body and back (think how this may translate also to your deadlift). I have a weak thoracic spine, so these reveal my weakness and definitely challenges my mid/upper back because it forces you to stay upright. In short, improved trunk stability, plus save your shoulders a bit. Win, win.

See them here:




Must Buy: All the Right Places Crop (Lululemon)

I’ve been a big fan of these for years. One thing is for sure, they’ll always sell out. Especially if it’s a pretty color like these. Flattering, pockets, sweat resistant – need I say more? I stay TTS in my lulu size 4 for bottoms. Color shown: Moss Rose.

Buy them here.






Must use: Big Blue Bath Bomb (Lush)

Whenever I have tired, achy muscles, I use this bath bomb before bed. It has seaweed and sea salt to smooth soreness and also helps me sleep better because it has lavender. Warning, the seaweed looks like spiders, so it still kinda freaks me out a little when I see them lol.

Buy it here.





As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!

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