“I’m going out with friends, how am I going to track my macros?”


I get this question often. Many of my clients come to me in a panic when they get invited to dinner. How will I track macros? Will this ruin my fat loss goals? Should I even go? (lots of anxiety here).


First of all, this is the best part of flexible dieting —it’s flexible! So yes, you are going to go out to dinner (and hopefully enjoy yourself). With flexible dieting, basically anything goes if you stay within your numbers. So realistically, you could have your pizza, have your pasta or your piece of cake.


I like to share these four tips to track macros when dining out:



1 –  Plan ahead. Look up them menu online, pick what you want to eat and factor this into your day to make sure you hit your numbers.


2 – Make your best guess. If you don’t plan ahead, try to pick simple foods where you can guess individual portions (think chicken breast, potatoes, veggies) and then make your best estimate.


3 – Don’t have a lot of macros left by the time dinner rolls around? You can always order a salad with dressing on the side (make sure it’s a macro friendly dressing option)


4 – Give yourself a little free pass. Eat a little less before your night out (but still hit your protein) and then just go out and enjoy yourself without tracking. If you are consistently hitting your numbers, then 1 meal out isn’t going to set you back.

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