Must ponder: How to Commit to Your Goals (Successfully)

  1. Decide What You Want.
  2. Write it Down.
  3. Make a Plan.
  4. Work on it Every day.


Want to improve yourself? Want to make changes? Follow these steps to create a personal growth plan. What are you really trying to change? Next, write it down so you can visually see it (put it somewhere visible). this is one of the most important parts that hardly anyone does. Then, make an action plan to achieve your goal. What tasks need to happen? What potential obstacles will get in your way? Flesh it out. And then think about your plan every single day. If you do one small task each day to work on your goal, think of where you could be 6 months from now?

Example, want to change your body composition? Write down exactly what you want to achieve. Make a realistic timeline. Cut out a (healthy) inspiration photo. Look at it every day. Make your plan. Maybe this plan is a workout and nutrition calendar. Each day, check off your nutrition. Check off your workouts. Set aside a little time each day to reach this goal. Six months from now, you will thank yourself.



Must do: Weighted Push ups

We know that loaded push ups are great for building strength and can encourage tricep, pectoral and anterior deltoid growth. But did you know they are also a great way to work your core? It’s true. The added weight forces you to brace and balance, which in turn will increase your ability to stabilize your entire core musculature. Make sure you place the weight towards the middle/lower back to avoid injury (not across your shoulders).

See them in action here:






Must Try for Relaxation: Kava Powder

So I’ve talked about combating anxiety a lot lately, and here something else you may want to consider: Kava Powder. Kava can provide calming effects that relieve anxiety and restlessness. It can also help with muscle spasms and overall stress placed upon the body. I drink it every so often to help with anxiety and restlessness. I find it improves my sleep quality dramatically. It does take a little preparation (quick vid below). Warning, it doesn’t taste good, so I like to have candy on hand to “chase” the taste. See where to buy below.

1 – Mix 1 T with 1/2 cup of water

2 – Blend for 2 minutes

3 – Strain, then knead for extra strength


I like this kind, and I buy it here.








Must Eat: Enlightened Bar

It feels like summer already where I live (HOT) so my kids and I are already eating all the ice cream and popsicles that we can. I like to keep these enlightened bars handy because they are kind of macro friendly and taste pretty good (80 cals/17g carbs/1.5 fat/6g protein). We like the mint chip flavor.





Must Listen: In My Head — Julius Dreisig

I know I always post electronic music, but I’m always on the hunt for music that isn’t mainstream. And when I find a hidden gem, I don’t let it go for a while — partially because I’ll never get sick of electronic music. And this one. is. gooood.  Also pretty cool, this is a 14 year kid from Denmark. Only problem is, it’s short (so I just listen to it five times in a row, lol). It’s too bad I don’t have a meet coming up because this would be top of my playlist.

Download it here.




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