Must do: Chin Ups

I like to incorporate a variety of pull ups into my training as they target multiple muscle groups at once. When performing, you can adjust your grip and tempo to target muscles differently. I’m not one to particularly enjoy working biceps alone, so chin ups (underhand grip) are a great way to put emphasis and the lats as well as the biceps.

See them here:



Must try: Quest Hero Bar

I’m not a huge fan of regular Quest protein bars (I think there are better tasting protein bars out there) but this hero bar is actually pretty good. It has a white chocolate coating and is filled with a gooey berry filling. It’s definitely sweeter (more like a treat vs a protein bar IMO) and the macros aren’t bad either. 170 cals, 7g fat/30 carbs/17g protein for this flavor.

Try them here.



Must use: Sugar Lip Polish (Fresh)

This is by far my favorite lip scrub. I only have to use it once or twice a week to exfoliate and keep my lips feeling soft. I like this kind because it doesn’t dry out my lips in the process (like other brands); they actually feel oily and smooth immediately after I use it. Plus it doesn’t leave a horrible taste behind either. It’s not too pricey and super effective.

Get it here.



Must buy: Take it Easy Pant (Lululemon)

These straight-legged pants are super comfortable, and not terribly long for us shorties (still long though, lol). Nevertheless, they are incredibly soft and cute. I plan on wearing with tight fitting tank or crop tops/sports bras. I stayed TTS in my usual 4 lulu bottoms. And lucky for you, they are on sale (WMTM).

Buy them here.




Must read: Why is Everyone Suddenly Taking Collagen?

This is a good article by Jennifer Petrosino that covers potential benefits of collagen peptides –everything from decreasing wrinkles to increasing muscle mass and strength. If you haven’t jumped on the collagen bandwagon, or maybe you are more curious about it, this is a good starter article that addresses some collagen basics.

Read it here.


As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!

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