Must do: Bench Press Warm Up

Confession: When I first started powerlifting, I was the girl who skipped a proper bench warm-up (ok, any warm up). I did not think it was important or necessary. I’d row for a minute or two and then jump on the bench to begin warm up sets . Obviously now I’ve learned a thing or two. Yes, a warm up will and should depend on individual needs, but it doesn’t mean anyone should entirely skip that critical 15 minutes before each work out (unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to injury. Stay safe and err on the side of caution!). So whether you think you need it or not, everyone can benefit from a proper warm up that includes warming up your body temp, tailored activation work, lift specific mobility tasks and addressing your personal sticky points (whatever that may be). And I’m not talking about warm-up sets (doesn’t count) :D.

Usually I do something like this:

  • First, I get things warmed up with 5-10 minutes of steady rowing.
  • Then I’ll follow up with my thoracic warm up (refer to previous video for reference).
  • Next, I’ll do the routine shown here (arm circles, around the world’s, Ws and holds, pull aparts and arch openers).
  • And in between my first lighter warm up sets I’ll do some bench push ups (for activation not strength) followed by some light low cable rows (for lat activation to help keep me stable on the bench).



So this is an interesting article by Eric Trexler — it’s about the benefits that beetroot can have on training. I know it’s popular for endurance athletes, but hadn’t considered it much for resistance training until reading this. I may have to start incorporating beetroot juice regularly into my diet.

Read it here.




Must Buy: Baller Hat (Lululemon)

I only wear two styles of hats, and this is one of them, and you already know it’s from Lululemon. I’m pretty picky with how hats fit my head, so when I find one I like I buy alllll the colors. This is a classic cap style that’s flattering and perfect for throwing on during or after the gym. I love the porcelain pink color and am eyeing dark chrome.

Buy it here. 



Must try: Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

I’m a little late to this party, but this chapstick (if you even call it that) is my newest obsession. I literally have every single color. So I get chapped lips eaaaasily. I live in a dry climate and wasn’t blessed with soft lips (I usually have to use medicated chapstick all day long to keep things under control). For obvious reasons, I don’t like wearing actual lipstick during a workout and gloss gets sticky with my hair flips (squats/deadlifts). But I like my lips to look and feel nice — who doesn’t? Anyway, this is the perfect solution for me. It provides hours of moisture while tinting lips to a noticeable, pretty hue. I keep one in my gym, one in my purse and one on my nightstand at all times. I dare you to try it.


Try it here.





Must listen: Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko

I generally tailor the music I listen to around my workouts — I mean, don’t we all? So with heavy or intense lifting, I pick energy-boosting music that compliment that session. But right now, I’m not lifting heavy or intense (quite chill actually) so my music choices have toned down quite a bit. It’s actually a nice change of pace to slow down and just enjoy my workouts for a minute. Without further ado, I like this song this week. Quite different. Quite therapeutic.

Listen here. 




As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!

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