“How can I get more protein in my diet?” I get this question often. Especially when new clients are first starting to track their food, it can be discouraging to see the lack of protein in their old, average diet. A large part is, knowledge. At first, we don’t really know the macro breakdown of foods. We know it’s important to hit our daily goal, but might still be under the impression that we have to consume so much chicken and fish. No, there are definitely other (and tastier) ways to up your protein intake. That’s the beauty of flexible dieting. It’s not realistic that we have cooked chicken in a bag to eat for every meal, and thank goodness there are plenty of other foods that are rich in protein. But I still know it can be difficult to find ways to eat enough protein. So that’s why I put together 10 easy ways to get more protein in your diet. And here they are:


  1. Jerky

Jerky is a go-to travel snack of mine. Beef, turkey, fish, salmon, whatever type you choose it will be high in protein –  sometimes containing about 9 grams per ounce. My favorite is when we make our own on the smoker, but when I’m in a pinch I like to buy these off Amazon because they have 14g of protein per stick. 


  1. Protein Water

I don’t drink these often but I like to have them on hand. They are low in calories and can yield about 20g of protein per bottle. A lot of people complain about the sweet flavor, but I just dilute a bit with water. I usually buy this kind.


  1. Edamame

Want to know the easiest way for me to trick my kids into eating a vegetable and protein simultaneously? Soybeans – while they are still in the pod. My kids love eating these because they are delicious and fun to peel. I usually just grab the steamable bags in the frozen aisle and pop them in the microwave to heat up for lunch. There are 17g or protein per cup.


  1. Hard Boiled Eggs

Not only are eggs full of healthy nutrients, they are also rich in protein. One hard-boiled egg contains six grams of protein. I like to cook a dozen at a time, then keep them in my fridge for easy snacking.


  1. String Cheese (low fat)

So my kids love string cheese. And I love string cheese because there is 7g of protein per stick. Win win, right? Bonus tip: I also like to buy the reduced fat kind just to save my fats for later.


  1. Chocolate Milk

At the end of the night, nothing beats a cold glass of chocolate milk. I like to buy Carbmaster’s Chocolate milk because it only has 7g of carbs but 11g of protein in 1 cup. If I’m feeling crazy, I heat it up in the microwave for a minute and top with fat free cool whip.


  1. Tuna and crackers

Tuna with crackers will always be an easy protein snack in our house. And Bumble Bee actually makes a pre-packaged tuna with crackers that I can easily throw in my bag. The fat free option has 150 calories and 9g protein. I love these because they are convenient and my kids will eat them too.


  1. Hummus

When I need dip for veggies or spread for a sandwich, I always use hummus. Hummus contains 6.5 grams of protein in 1/3 of a cup, making it an easy (yet tasty) option to get a little extra protein in.


  1. Protein bars

I try to limit the amount of protein powders and bars that I eat, but I will always keep them on hand. Why? Because they are easy. I’d be lying if I said I had all of my meals and snacks prepped out daily, and there are plenty of times when I find myself grabbing to go. Hence the reason that protein bars will always be in my pantry. I’ve mentioned a few types that I like to buy in previous posts.


  1. Yogurt

Plain or with toppings, yogurt is a delicious and easy way to get more protein in.  A small container of protein can contain 8-12g of protein. Some of my favorite kinds are lite and fit by dannon, carbmaster and oikos greek yogurt.



So there you have it. 10 easy ways to get more protein in your diet. So eat up!

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