MUST BUY: Crescent Tee (Lululemon)

This tee is my new jam. So I tried on the older version and wasn’t impressed. But this newer release is flattering, comes in some pretty colors, plus it’s made from their anti-sweat silver material — meaning, it’s perfect to throw on before and after a work out. Runs true to size for me.

Buy one here.




MUST READ: Peaking for Powerlifting

“Fatigue masks fitness.”  

This article has some important takeaways that are definitely worth considering. With my meet coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about proper peaking and ways to allow for optimal performance on meet day. First and foremost, fatigue needs to be addressed. I’ve been feeling it the last couple weeks, and want to make sure my strength isn’t masked by tiredness on meet day. This article addresses the process of peaking, tips to get there (including how to reduce fatigue), and ways to enhance specificity.

Check out the full article from Juggernaut here.




MUST EAT (Quick Breakfast): Special K Crustless Quiche

These little guys are made with sausage, quinoa, peppers, mozzarella and asiago. They have 170 calories, and 11 grams of protein, which make them a perfect option if you need a quick lite breakfast before you run out the door in the morning. I buy them in a big box at Costco in the frozen section.





MUST LISTEN: Like I Do – David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks

A perfect blend of house and pop backed with some good vocals, makes this one of my favorite songs. It’s been around for a bit now, but still makes the shuffle rotation when I work out. Check it out and you’ll see why it still makes my squatting playlist.

Listen here. 



MUST DO: Lunges with front leg elevated

I like to have my clients do these often in accessory work because they are great for single leg stability, quad and glute strength. By elevating your front leg (it doesn’t have to be much) your quads and glutes have to work harder. Be sure to think about keeping your chest up, while your knee tracks correctly in line with your toes.


See them here:



As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!





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