Must work on: Morning mobility

Every morning, I have the same routine. I get up, cook my kids breakfast, have a cup of coffee and then start my morning stretch routine. I take about 15 minutes to evaluate how my body is feeling that day, work on general mobility and start addressing sticking points. Part of this, is my morning wall routine (guess we can call it that). I had a few of you want to see it, so I thought I’d share it this week. However, when I initially recorded I wasn’t planning on sharing so it’s not the best vid – but you get the idea. This specifically works on T-spine extension, chest openers, a little upper body balance, coordination and strength.

You can watch it here.



Must do: Pull ups (lots of them)

Want to get better at pull ups? Then do more pull ups. Seems silly to say, but besides losing weight, the number one goal that I hear from people is that they want to do more pull ups.  Pull ups are an easy (as in accessible, since you don’t need equipment to perform) way to target your back and biceps. I like playing around with intensity and variations to keep them challenging and fun. Close grip, wide grip, banded, weighted, paused, etc. But usually, you can find me working on standard slow, controlled wide grip pull ups that concentrate on lat engagement, retraction and depression of the shoulder blades.

See them here:




Must listen: NOIXES – Hood

Sometimes, I simply prefer music without lyrics or vocals. And if you ever wonder what I’m actually dancing to when I lift, this is probably when. In my opinion, I feel like instrumental songs can be more identifiable and more moving than traditional music. I have a full playlist that I train to now and then, and this is one of my favorite electronic pieces.

You can listen to it here.





Must drink: Mure’ Pepino flavored La Croix

I love sparkling water. It’s a bubbly way to quench your thirst without wasting macros — In fact, they have zero calories. So when I find a good flavor, I stock up. I love this sweet and sour combo of blackberry because it has a hint of cucumber.  And did you know that they have 15 different flavors?

Check them out here.




Must buy: Pure Protein Bar

I know, another protein bar right? Well here is the reason I like these. The price. I can buy them in bulk at Costco so they come out to be significantly cheaper than other protein bars on the market. They taste fine, have good macros (20g protein, 200 calories), which make them a staple item in my pantry. I like the chewy chocolate chip flavor.




As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!


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