Must Buy: Free to Be Sports Bra (Lululemon)

I get asked about this sports bra all the time (probably because it’s one of the only styles I’ll wear) so I’ll share it this week. This is called Free to Be. I like anything in the Free to Be line (Free to be wild, free to be serene, etc). I size up in these (lat comfort), so I wear a 4.

Buy them here.




Must try: Assisted glute ham raise

No GHR machine? No problem. Having a home gym has really taught me to think outside the box when it comes to my workouts. If there’s a will, there’s a way. And since I’m always on top of my hamstring game, these glute ham raises are right up my alley. They can be quite challenging when you first start doing them, so here I have added a band to begin progression. Try it out and let me know what you think.]

See them here.




Must keep on hand: Versa Gripps

I need to preface this by saying I think it’s important to work on grip strength whenever you can. That being said, sometimes my hands are beat up and dead tired after a long week of deadlifts, etc. When this happens, versa gripps can be a lifesaver for things like pull ups, heavy rows, etc. I don’t use them often, but always keep them handy.

Buy them here.





Must Listen: Mad Love (feat. Becky G) by Sean Paul & David Guetta

Sean Paul and David Guetta? Yes, please. This is my song this week. I plan on listening to it so much that I’ll be sick of it by next week. But for now, it’s on repeat.

Give it a listen here.




Must Eat: Milton’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I love this carb friendly option for pizza when I’m running low on macros at the end of the day. Plus, they are super easy to make and I think they actually taste like pizza (ha ha, bonus!). A quarter of a pizza has 26g of carbs, 11g of fat and 14g of protein. Not a bad option at all. I buy them at Costco.





As always, I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!


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