Here is part 2 of how I fixed my SI joint pain. For part 1, click here. Part 2 is all about core stability.

Strengthening your core muscles will be essential to stabilize the sacroiliac joint. Often a “strong core” is confused with abdominal work. And while this isn’t meant to give you a 6 pack, it lays the foundation for something more valuable – building core stability to prevent pain and injury. Any athlete, pre-habber or rehabber can benefit from a strong core. After you feel comfortable with each exercise, you should progress and add resistance if you can (weighted planks, banded dead bugs, weighted bird dogs, etc. I have little weights that I hold that are money for this).  And if you have an anterior pelvic tilt that is contributing to your SI joint/low back pain problem, DON’T SKIP THE DEAD BUGS. They will literally save you.


It will help to see the full video here (note that it’s sped up – however, movements should be slow and controlled).


Repeat 3 times, daily.


1). Plank – 60 seconds with neutral spine


2). Dead bugs – 20 each side (slow and actively reach with arms)


3). Bird dogs (long hold) – 30 seconds


4). Bird dogs (short hold) – 2 seconds, 12 on each side


5). Angled bird dogs (long hold) – 30 seconds (reach just off center with arm and leg)


6). Angled bird dogs (short hold) – 2 seconds, 12 on each side


7). Wide plank reaches – 15 each side


8). Knee to elbow – 15 each side



Stay tuned for part 3, the last part of this series. I’ll post it next week!


Good luck!!

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