IMG_1022MUST BUY: Hair Scrunchie

I know I don’t have to be the one to tell you that scrunchies have made a come back. And this makes me HAPPY. Long hair is so hard to control and keep presentable after a workout. When I pull it up with a hair tie, those kinks ruin it for the rest of the day. But with a scrunchie, I can easily take it out at the end of my work out without any issues. Spray a little dry shampoo (like the one mentioned here), and I’m good to go. If you have LOTS of hair, these are the scrunchies to buy. Those little ones aren’t going to fly for my hair, but this bigger size gives a perfect hold.

Buy it here. 



MUST READ: Starvation Mode – Is it a Myth?

This week, I was asked about starvation mode and whether I think it’s real or not. Does it matter if you don’t eat every three hours? Skip a meal or two? Won’t periods of fasting hurt my progress? I immediately thought of this article. It has been around for a while, but I think it makes some good points. I’ll let you read it and make the decision on your own. Tell me some thoughts below.

Read it here.



MUST DO: Kettlebell Deficit Deadlifts

I love Kettlebell deficit deadlifts, and here is why. They feel natural and are relatively easy to get in a good starting position. This position is simple to maintain throughout the movement and are a great option for beginners or someone working around an injury. I add them into many of my client’s training programs as they progress to barbell work. Here I have set up in sumo stance and I’m standing on a couple of bumper plates. Try them and let me know what you think.

See them here.



IMG_1075MUST TRY: Train Times 7/8 Pant

Although these tights aren’t actually my favorite, they might be soon. I find myself buying more and more pairs and reach for them often. They are super flattering, come in beautiful colors and I appreciate the drawstring at the waist. They are made with luxtreme, so you know they’ll feel cool during workouts and definitely be sweat-wicking. Color shown is dusty dawn and they run true to size for me (I wear a 4 in most lulu bottoms).

Get them here.




MUST EAT:  Mighty Muffin

Just add water and pop in the microwave to make this fluffy, high-protein, delicious snack. They are definitely macro friendly as they deliver about 20g of protein, ~21g of carbs, ~7g of fat and a little bit of fiber. And FYI s’mores is my favorite flavor. Try it, you won’t be disappointed – my kids love them too!

Buy them here.


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