I never knew how common SI joint pain was (pregnancy related, training related or just everyday wear and tear) until I experienced pain daily for several months. I’m not an expert, just a successful patient. It’s easiest if you watch the video that accompanies this (linked here).


After working with doctors, doing my own research, and lots of trial and error, this is what worked for me. I complete this twice EVERY DAY (yup). But if your pain is as bad as mine was, 15 min a day is nothing. So here you go (note that vid sped up, go slow IRL):


1 – RELEASE w/ lacrosse ball for about a minute each side. I do both sides since I had pain on both sides.



2 – STRETCH hip flexors (tuck, squeeze glutes into posterior tilt SO IMPORTANT) 3 x 30 seconds each side. You can also do standing, see what feels better.



3 – STRENGTHEN to STABILIZE pelvis with banded exercises. Side raises, double leg as shown (my fave). Slow and controlled, don’t rush 3 x 30


4 – ACTIVATION glute bridges, not for strengthening just to activate glutes.



Like I said, be sure to watch the video. I pair this with light to heavy glute training 3 times a week. I should also mention that with the exception of my hip flexors, I no longer over-stretch, especially my hamstrings (years of gymnastics, cheer and dance have me long hams and a prominent APT). Overstretched ligaments create instability in the joint. A big no-no if you are hypermobile like myself.


To quote my PT, “It’s easy to get your SI joint into place, but the problem is learning how to keep it there. And the longer it stays in place, theoretically, the stronger it will be.”


I also do a lot of core work that is focused on supporting your backside. This will be explained in part II of this series. Part III will be the final portion, as we cover a progressive glute strengthening routine. I will post both soon.


Hope this helps! Good luck!


9 thoughts on “How I fixed My SI Joint Pain (Part 1)

      1. Hi I have been having trouble with my SI joint for a while. I do a lot of exercises for it. I am wondering if this is something that you have to do daily to keep it from coming back? Thank you so much for posting your experience and how you recovered!


  1. Hi Natalie,
    I suffer from SI joint pain and started to do the exercise you list from phase 1 and I immediately felt a change. Now, in phase 3 you mention weeks, but for how long did you do the exercises from phase 1 and 2 for? Did you do them at the same time?


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