Must listen: “Say Something” Justin Timberlake (feat. Chris Stapleton)

I’m kicking this week’s Monday Musts off with this song because… JT. Anyone else obsessed with Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods this week? Confession, I had this pop-rock ballad on repeat for a day or two. I’ve always liked JT’s music, and this album doesn’t disappoint me.

Listen to his album here.



MUST READ: Should you Deadlift Conventional or Sumo?

The ever popular question (that sometimes leads to a full blown debate). Should you pull sumo deadlifts or conventional? I read this article and found it interesting, especially if you are in the process of deciding which you should pull. It talks about how things like hip structure will matter, some of the differences and similarities between the two, and also a few good tips on how to find what works best for you. I encourage you to give it a quick read if you haven’t already.

Read it here.





MUST TRY: Hip belt squats

For me, hip belt squats are always an easy opportunity to squat and effectively build leg strength without spinal compression. Meaning, if you are recovering or working around an injury, these are a perfect squat modification. I am always mindful of how much and how often I put weight on back. If tightness creeps in, I’ll call it, throw on my belt to finish with some belt squats. Or as a supplemental exercise, I usually top-off my hypertrophy day with 50+ reps. And as I don’t think I’ll get a Pit Shark anytime soon, so this is the easiest way for me to do them at home.

See them in action here.



MUST BUY: Favorite Resistance Bands

I’m always asked about my go-to bands for assisted pull ups, resistance, etc. I like to buy these ones on Amazon because they are cheap and work well. There are 5 different resistance levels to choose from. Right now I think they are 10% off and qualify for Prime.

Buy them here.





MUST FIND: Reebok CrossFit Lite Shoes

So I’ve talked about my favorite squat shoes, but haven’t covered my favorite shoes deadlifting. And that’s because, unfortunately, they don’t make my favorite ones anymore. They are made by Reebok and called CrossFit Lites. Sometimes you can find a pair on eBay or Amazon if you’re lucky but you really have to search. I love these because they have a comfortable toe box, are super grippy and give just enough ankle support.




I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!

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