Must Have: Oribe Gold Lust Dry shampoo

So I get asked all the time about what dry shampoo I use. I’ve tried many, but this is the first dry shampoo that has worked for my hair. Since I obviously work out a lot and need something to effectively absorb sweat or oil afterwards, it’s gotta be good stuff. This smells nice (like all Oribe products) and sprays on translucent. And yes, you can buy it on Amazon, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I’m paranoid of buying a fake product.

Get the real deal here.




Must Buy (for squatting!): Fleo Shorts

The only time I ever cheat on my lulu is with Fleo. I hate hot sweaty legs when I’m squatting and need shorts that won’t budge. And these are perfect for that, plus they are cute. They are fully lined, tight and feel surprisingly soft. I just get the Original style, with a mid-rise and 2.5” inseam. I wear a small, but I could probably go XS for a better fit in the wait. But honestly I’m afraid of losing too much length.

Buy them here.





Must try: Cable Pull Throughs

If you are training, you already know how important building your posterior chain is for optimal performance and to avoid pain and injuries. Or if you are someone suffering from low back pain, this hip hinge is an excellent and efficient option to build glute development (plus the whole posterior chain) without loading the spine.

Why? Because it’s an easy movement to replicate that reinforces a proper hip hinge movement, which is essential when learning hip and glute control versus only using lower back muscles. Mastering a hinge with a neutral spine is critical to avoid future injuries.

Unlike kettlebell swings and deadlifts (or even hip thrusts if you don’t do them correctly), with a pull through you strengthen a full range of motion in a hip hinge. Throughout the hinge movement, you have constant tension. Staying loaded the entire movement, teaches you to stay tight and neutral; basically you learn how to have tension with a full proper hip hinge (something you can easily get lazy with or do incorrectly in other lifts). And like I mentioned before, they are easy to execute, easy to learn.

Cues I think of when performing: maintain neutral spine, hinge at hips (it’s not a squat) and squeeze glutes at top without hyperextending.

See them here.




Must carry: Liquid chalk

For you commercial gym goers, this is a must for deadlift day. Most gyms don’t allow chalk, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to wraps or having a crappy grip. Do yourself a favor and get one of these. It’s cheap, there is no mess, works well and it’s easy (and discreet) because it clips on your bag.

Check it out here.




Must Read: Sleep and Strength

This study by PubMed tries to demonstrate how not getting enough sleep might actually impair muscle strength and performance. I thought it was interesting because it ended up only applying to compound movements, not single joint. It’s probably already common sense but interesting to see studied in a clinical setting.

Read it here.




I’m not paid to review or recommend any of the products listed (just things I like).

That’s it for this week’s musts. Have a great week friends!

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