You know, that sudden pain that comes on when you sit too long, stand up from your chair, or after you lean over to tie your shoes? Yeah, that could be your sacroiliac (SI) joint. You feel it in your low back, deep buttocks or even your groin. Chances are you’ve already had it checked out by a doctor, and know what to do to get in check. And if you don’t, you may want to check out my other posts on IG, which I will eventually load here.


In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of things I do when my SI joint starts to flare and get wonky. And although none of these things will “fix” you, they will help alleviate some pain and can prevent you from worsening your problem.


1). Stop doing what hurts! (No brainer right? Yet so hard)

2). Sit on an ice pack (Literally. Just sit on it. 15 minutes on, 15 off once you feel a flare coming on. Heat is a no-no in the beginning stages).

3). Keep moving and limit your sitting time.

4). Don’t cross your legs when you sit.

5). Sleep with a pillow between your legs.

6). Don’t stand on one leg (even weight distribution as often as possible).

7). Minimize bending over at the waist.

8). Soak in a luke-warm Epsom salt bath.

9). I’m not into all the oils, but I have the Doterra deep blue lotion. I slap that on often to ignore the pain sometimes.

10). Anti-inflammatory diet, I already follow this for my IBD. Not sure if it works, but it couldn’t hurt.


As for working out, when my SI joint is acting up, I don’t do any activity that hurts (see number 1). Gentle cardio and easy lifting (think active recovery) is the way to go until the joint becomes less inflamed and more stable.


What about you? How do you start to care for your SI joint when it starts to cause pain?

One thought on “10 Tips for SI Joint Pain

  1. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you so much for your SI Joint rehab posts! I’m been using them before my workouts.

    A couple questions, did you wait to do any form of squats till your SI joint was fully healed?

    Also how long did it take yours to fully heal from the initial injury? I’m at the 10 month mark myself. It’s definitely better than it was last year, but still some lingering pain.



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