By Guest Author: Jake Kocherhans


Health. A goal that we all strive for in one form or another. To most, health is strictly about looking a certain way. It’s a number on the scale, or inches on the waistline. As easy as it is to look at someone with a shredded six pack and immediately deem that person as “healthy”, I’m here to tell you that there is WAY more to health than a physical appearance.


I’ve been training clients and helping people transform their bodies for a little over 5 years. I’ve worked with all different types of people, each having their own personal motives for why they want to get in shape and be healthy. However as I’ve continued to train, one thing I’ve noticed is that there are generally only two core reasons that motivate someone to start a new diet or exercise program: LOVE or HATE.


How many times have you heard someone say they’re going to start a new diet because they’re disgusted with how they look? They punish themselves in the gym, doing hours of cardio because they feel fat or ugly. Instead of doing it to take care of their body, working out has become a punishment for their “lack of discipline”.


This is a very common situation, but I’m telling you right now it can be a slippery slope. People like this tend to lean towards the extremes. They succumb to crash diets & unhealthy approaches to exercise in an attempt to accelerate their progress, and feel that they will only be happy IF and WHEN they get to this arbitrary weight/body size that they’ve created for themselves.


Now, think of the flip side of this situation. This person is extremely healthy, and has made fitness and good nutrition a part of their daily life. They exercise each morning because they ENJOY the progress they see each day in both their strength, and physical appearance. They choose foods based on how they make them FEEL rather than impulsively choosing whatever they think will taste best in that moment. They prioritize sleep because it allows them to feel energized, vibrant, and stress-free. This person truly loves their body, and makes these conscious choices because they want to make sure they keep it healthy.


The way we frame a situation is EVERYTHING. It’s an important distinction to make, and I can tell you from working with others as well as my own experience, self-love ALWAYS comes from within. Look guys, I can promise that if you don’t start loving and appreciating yourself RIGHT NOW, dropping that extra 15-20 lbs will not do the trick. No matter how shredded you are, how big you are, or how ripped your six pack is, if it’s all to simply seek validation from others you’re setting yourself up to fail. Without a doubt, the most important part of this entire process is learning to truly appreciate and have love for yourself and your body.


If one of your goals for 2018 is to be a fitter, healthier person, then I implore you to make the goal right under it to have more self-love. Find happiness with whatever stage your body’s at. Eat healthy because you want to nourish your body and feel good, not because you’re punishing yourself for that snickers bar you ate yesterday. Living healthy should not be a punishment, it should be a reward.


Remember, true fulfillment does not, and will never come from outside validation. It comes from personal growth, and knowing that you love yourself enough to make choices without the affect of someone else’s opinions… and besides! we’re all going to end up old and wrinkly anyways…. so keep that in mind 😉


– Jake


About Jake Kocherhans8dceb378ccd257cc7acaead2a5e504ea

Jake is a Certified Fitness Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition, and specialized in helping people find a sustainable approach to their health & weight loss goals. Check out more of his content, here.

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