Often overlooked, the goblet squat can be instrumental when working around an injury, during a rehab plan, for those just starting to squat, or even for seasoned lifters looking to reinforce some basics. After my injury, and before my sports PT even let me put weight on my back again, I was ONLY allowed to do goblet squats. Sure I rolled my eyes in the beginning (serious? A goblet squat?!!) but my mind has obviously changed since, and for good reason. Now, I CHOOSE to incorporate goblet squats often –  specifically, as part of my squat warm up as well as my accessory work.


All in all, I could easily do variations of the goblet squat 3 times a week. These include: paused goblet squats, banded goblet squats, goblet squats with slow eccentric control and pulse goblet squats. And to warm up for heavy barbell squats, I always use light tempo goblet squats. So yes, I love them.


And here’s why:


1). They are easy to get into a correct position, as they reinforce basic squatting movement patterns.


2). They are simple to maintain correct posture and difficult to execute incorrectly (terrific teaching tool for beginners or working after injuries).


3). They don’t take much upper body flexibility (thumbs up for rehabbers).


4). It creates opportunity to take direct weight off back (double thumbs up for rehabbers).


5). Great for hip mobility, core bracing and glute activation (in other words, excellent option for a warm up as shown in video)


I also have say, that you may be surprised that when executed correctly, goblet squats can be more taxing than you think. When performing I focus on knee alignment, foot position, weight distribution and keeping upright. What about you? Do you use goblet squats in your training program?


Keep on squatting!

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