It’s actually my “rest day”, but that doesn’t mean my kids and I aren’t staying active. How active are your kids? According to the CDC, about one in five school-aged children has obesity, a serious problem and it puts kids at risk for poor health. A big contributing factor is that kids are becoming more sedentary.


I’m a big supporter of physical activity for our youth population. Exercise is one of the important building blocks for growth, healthy development and lifelong well-being. So how much physical activity do kids need?


It’s recommended that:


  • Toddlers have 30 minutes of structured and 60 minutes of unstructured activity every day.
  • Preschoolers get 60 minutes of structured and 60 minutes to several hours of unstructured activity.
  • Kids ages 6+ should get at least an hour of activity all or most days of the week.


Some of our favorite activities include hiking, climbing, jumping, gymnastics and walking to the library. I know winter can be challenging, so what do you do with your kids to make sure they stay active? Drop some ideas below for us parents.

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